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Our final newsletter of 2010 gives a summary of the past year and a glimpse of the way forward! Click below to download.

GRCF DECEMBER 2010 Newsletter


Please click the link below to download our October Newsletter (or email to be put on the e-mailing list). It’s going to be a busy month this month – especially since we are celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary on October 29!

GRCF October Newsletter

Rustenburg Fifa Fan Fest on World Cup opening day.

What a weekend! The opening of the FIFA World Cup created a sensation across the country as Fan Fests and stadiums filled with soccer fans from around the world to welcome the Cup to African soil for the first time.  GRCF staff were a part of the festivities from behind the scenes making sure that our Ke Rona groups got on to the official Fan stages smoothly.  We still found time to support South Africa in the opening match however, and the excitement was contagious. We will continue to bring you pictures and video coverage of our Ke Rona groups and other community activities around the World Cup over the next month.  We are seeing the benefits already!

One of the Ke Rona groups get ready for performing on Fan Fest stage.

Ke Rona dancers perform at UNISA countdown event (copyright: UNISA Department of Geography)

With only days to go until the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the entire country is buzzing with excitement and anticipation and the GRCF offices are no exception.  Since Rustenburg is one of the host cities where several big games will be played, the entire community is working hard to make sure everything comes together and that the visitors we receive leave happy.  For us at GRCF, the most important thing is that the community receives enduring benefits.

Our Ke Rona project, whose main focus is to put local and rural talent onto official Fan Park stages and to help them get international exposure, is particularly busy at the moment with rehearsals, costume fittings and scheduling.  The groups we are helping represent a wide spectrum of our community and include traditional Tswana and Zulu dancers, brass bands, Afrikaans rock bands, DJs, and gumboot dancers to name just a few.  We took great care to find the best artists in our community who have had the least access to the resources and opportunities that would help them succeed.  We are helping these groups get the equipment they need and acting as liaisons with the local officials to make sure they get to perform right alongside the biggest and best known international and national performers. From their performances at countdown events, some of our groups are already getting offers to perform elsewhere.  The exposure and training they will get from this experience will ensure that they have the highest possible chance for success after the World Cup is over.

GRCF staff show their support for Bafana Bafana

We at the GRCF are proud of our community – both for its wealth of talent as well as the hard work and dedication from all parties that has gone into making sure the events around the World Cup are a great success. We are confident that all of our visitors will have a wonderful time and that the benefit to the Greater Rustenburg region will be invaluable in the long term.

We are ever grateful for this opportunity to show the world what our community, and South Africa as a whole, can do!

Ke nako South Africa!