GRCF's CEO George Mathuse speaks at the opening of Borolelo Community Hall

With 2010 almost coming to a close, we at the GRCF are busy following up on our ABCD communities to see how they are progressing as well as to figure out the way forward for 2011.  Due to different contexts of each community – chosen deliberately for their differences so as to help inform our research on best practices – some have progressed much faster than others and some will need a lot more input from us and our partners going forward, while others are almost self-sustaining already.

In Borolelo, near Swartruggens, the Itikeng Community group has helped to

Celebrations for opening of the Borolelo Community Hall

renovate a community hall as part of a EPW (Expanded Public Works) Program and officially opened it as the Borolelo Community Hall a few weeks ago.  The opening event was a huge success and now the many ABCD generated projects will have a central meeting area. The GRCF has recently invested in the region by helping fund the repair of a water source for the group.  In other areas, such as our pilot community in Mathopestat, the original members have changed since last year but the current group is going strong and has started a second large garden in the area, which is turning a nice profit.

Second large garden in Mathopestat is doing well.

Our other communities are to one degree or another all engaged in various socio-economic projects but need more resources to speed up the process – we are hoping that one of the local big businesses will come through in the new year and help us fund these high-potential groups!  That is how we hope to promote an “Invest in Success” Development strategy for Bojanala.